The Contour of Surface




結果として、「見える」状態と「 見えない」状態の境界を曖昧に行き来するような表現が生まれた。物体同士の繊細な交わりによって生じる「現象」としての輪郭は、鑑賞者の感性に直接語りかける。

2022年1月21-22日に開催されたISCA2021(グランフロント大阪 ナレッジキャピタル)にて展示と公開審査を行い、デジタルコンテンツ部門にて優秀作に選出された。

The theme of this work is an intermediate expression between "Contour" and "Surface". By pressing and releasing abstract shapes from behind a stretchy cloth stretched tightly over a "frame" fixed to the wall at various angles and speeds, the artist expresses various contours emerging and disappearing on the surface of the cloth.

Contours in printed matter and images are drawn mainly as boundaries of lines and color surfaces on a flat surface, and the physical properties of the media itself (e.g., the texture of the paper or the flickering of light on a display) are excluded as much as possible from the perception of contours as noise. In contrast, the contours of three-dimensional objects appear as "surfaces" that are connected to the real world through shadows and other cues. In this work, the artist attempts to create a visual expression through the "surface" by the relationship between the flat surface created by stretching the cloth and the objects on the reverse side of the cloth. In other words, it is a compatibility between the earth's continuity with the world, material constancy, and visual change on a flat surface.

The result is an expression that ambiguously moves back and forth between the boundary of "visible" and "invisible" states. The contours as phenomena created by the delicate interplay between objects speak directly to the viewer's senses.

The work was exhibited and publicly screened at ISCA2021 (Grand Front Osaka Knowledge Capital) held on January 21-22, 2022, and was selected as an outstanding work in the Digital Contents Division.

Video shooting and editing: Tetsuro Ryuta